3rd Century B.C.E.

Arctic cultures

Thule culture emerges in the Arctic

The Thule Tradition lasted from about 200 BC to 1600 AD around the Bering Strait. The Thule people being the prehistoric ancestors of the Inuit who now live in Northern Labrador.

Han Dynasty Map

Liu Beng founds the Han Dynasty in China

Spanning over four centuries, the Han dynasty is considered a golden age in Chinese history, and influenced the identity of the Chinese civilization ever since.

Map of kingdom of numidia ancient algeria

Masinissa founds the kingdom of Numidia

Numidia (202 BC €“ 40 BC, Berber: Inumiden) was an ancient Berber kingdom of the Numidians, located in what is now Algeria and a smaller part of Tunisia , Libya and Morocco in the Berber world.

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