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Nevada become first in the U.S. to ban employers from refusing to hire those who fail marijuana tests

Starting in 2020, Nevada employers cannot refuse to hire a job applicant for failing a marijuana screening test, making it the first state to pass such a law.

New Offshore Wind Deal to triple number of ‘green collar jobs’ in UK by 2030

The new deal plans to increase the workforce within the sector to 27,000 by 2030, tripling the current 7,200 jobs today. The deal is in line with the strategy's Clean Growth Grand Challenge to maximize the advantages for UK industry from the global shift to clean growth.

Missouri voters just blocked the right-to-work law Republicans passed to weaken labor unions

It's the first time voters have overturned right-to-work laws through a ballot referendum in recent years.

Costco to boost its minimum wage to $14 an hour

The retail chain, second only to Walmart Inc. in terms of U.S. sales, said it would increase its starting hourly wages by $1 to $14 or $14.50 an hour.

Disney embraces $15 minimum wage in negotiations with workers

Disney says that marks the largest increase to starting wages it's ever offered.

South African parliament approves national minimum wage bill

South Africa's parliament passed a national minimum wage bill by an overwhelming majority to tackle strikes and wage inequality.

N.J. governor signs law requiring paid employee sick leave

New Jersey becomes the 10th state to enact sick-leave legislation. Under the law, employers are required to provide one hour of sick leave for every 30 hours worked.

Iran raises minimum wage in concession to workers

Following intense tripartite negotiations, the Iranian government, employers and unions agreed to increase the country's minimum wage by 19.8%, from 9.29 million rials ($245) per month to 11.14 million rials ($294.50).

German union wins right to 28-hour working week and 4.3% pay rise

German workers won a key victory in their fight for a better work-life balance when a big employers' group agreed to demands from the country's largest trade union for the introduction of a 28-hour working week.