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Botswana court orders government to recognize transgender woman as female

A transgender woman has won a legal battle against Botswana's government to be recognized as female in a landmark victory for the rights of the lesbian, gay and transgender community.

Amazon, Intel and Uber join brief against LGBT discrimination in the United States

A number of tech companies have joined Apple, PayPal, Lyft and Yelp in a corporate brief urging the Supreme Court to reject the notion that businesses can choose to discriminate against LGBT customers.

Brenda Hale sworn in as first female president of UK’s supreme court

The first woman appointed to be a law lord, in 2004, Hale had to wait until this week for a second woman to join her on the UK's highest court.

Supreme Court to hear potentially landmark case on partisan gerrymandering

The Supreme Court declared Monday that it will consider whether gerrymandered election maps favoring one political party over another violate the Constitution, a potentially fundamental change in the way American elections are conducted.

Supreme Court bars favoring mothers over fathers in citizenship case

Unwed mothers and fathers may not be treated differently in determining whether their children may claim American citizenship, the Supreme Court ruled on Monday.

The Supreme Court strikes a blow against gerrymanders

On Monday, the Supreme Court agreed with a lower court that North Carolina legislators had improperly taken race into account when they redrew the lines of two congressional districts

U.S. Supreme Court says cities may sue banks over predatory lending

On May 1st, the moderate side of Mr Roberts reappeared when he once again shuffled to the left to stand up to banks that had targeted racial minorities for subprime loans.

The United States Supreme Court rules in favor of special education students

The decision in Endrew F. v. Douglas County School District could have far-reaching implications for the 6.5 million students with disabilities in the United States.