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World’s first water-free system dyes fabrics with CO2

DyeCoo uses a machine that dyes fabrics with pressurized CO2, which allows dyes to quickly dissolve and penetrate the textile €“ all without the use of water or chemicals.

Adidas to produce 11 million shoes made from recycled plastic in 2019

Adidas have collaborated with Parley for the Oceans, a company that intercepts plastic from beaches before it can reach the oceans. This plastic is then upcycled and made into a yarn becoming a key component of the upper material of Adidas footwear.

Bill Bowerman invents the Waffle Trainer

The origins of the Oregon Waffle, afterwards named the Waffle Trainer, derive from Bowerman's experiments with a simple waffle iron, the grooves of which proved to be a near perfect mold for a running shoe.

Cowboy boots become popular in the United States

Fashion magazines from 1850 and 1860 show the cowboy boot with top-stitching, cutouts of geometric or other natural elements and under-slung heel.

Humans of Holland invent wooden clogs

Wooden clogs originated in Holland, eventually spreading to France, England and Scandinavia. The clog shoe became the most common work shoe in Europe throughout the Industrial Revolution era.

Humans invent footwear, perhaps sagebrush bark sandals in modern-day Oregon

In 1938 archaeologist Luther Cressman (from the University of Oregon) excavated at Fort Rock Cave in central Oregon. Cressman found dozens of sandals below a layer of volcanic ash.