The Flipflopi Project

About The Flipflopi Project

An East African movement that emphasizes positive, local solutions to plastic pollution.

The Flipflopi Project is an East African movement with the goal of ending single-use plastic. Through innovation hubs, positive storytelling and education, and campaigning to influence policy change, Flipflopi intends to inspire a plastic-reuse revolution.

The Flipflopi Project showcases alternate uses for waste plastic, including boat building. In fact, the Flipflopi Project built the world’s first 100% recycled plastic sailing dhow. Project founder Ben Morison realized that building a boat from the plastic waste he saw on beaches would be an effective way to celebrate the centuries-old traditional craft of dhow building that is a cornerstone of Swahili culture, while also sharing a positive message about the need for change.

The Flipflopi Project believes that in order to address the global issue of plastic pollution, we must first create local awareness and engagement. They believe that inspiring local, smaller-scale solutions with positive messaging is the way forward.


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