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About Good News Network

An American online newspaper that publishes uplifting and positive news stories.

Good News Network (GNN) has been delivering positive and uplifting news to the public since 1997. GNN was founded with the mission of being an antidote to the bombardment of negativity and bad news that many people face every single day. Instead, GNN sets out to publish good news via their online newspaper, newsletter, weekly podcast, app, and now even a book: And Now, The Good News: 20 Years of Inspiring News Stories.

GNN founder Geri Weis-Corbley believes that an alternative to the grim news delivered by mainstream sources is essential. GNN was founded in the 1990s, when homicide rates in the U.S. dropped 42%, but coverage of murders surged over 700%. It was then that Weis-Corbley decided that the public should be seeing good news, too.

Since then, GNN has become an institution of trust and positivity for its fans, sticking to its promise of only publishing good news.


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Get a spark 💥Good news & change milestones from around the world
Get a spark 💥Good news & change milestones from around the world