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About Good Good Good

A media company that helps you feel more hopeful and do more good.

Founded in 2017, Good Good Good (GGG) is an independent media organization creating content and resources about the good in the world.

To help their audience feel more hopeful and do more good, GGG created the Goodnewspaper: a monthly print newspaper filled with good news, the Goodnewsletter: a weekly dose of good news via email, Sounds Good: a weekly podcast about making the world better, and a website with daily good news stories and articles about how readers can get involved and make a positive difference. Good Good Good believes that a small community of hopeful people celebrating good news and actively working to do good can change the world.

GGG knows the world is filled with a lot of heartbreak, pain, and injustice. In the pursuit of feeling better a lot of people either pay too much attention to the bad things to become cynical or bury their heads in the sand to avoid hearing bad news at all costs.

Good Good Good rejects those two responses and celebrates a third way. A third way that leads to genuine hope. They celebrate the people working to create solutions to the world’s problems, big and small.


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Get a spark 💥Good news & change milestones from around the world
Get a spark 💥Good news & change milestones from around the world