Corporate Purpose Project

About Corporate Purpose Project

An essay series designed to explore key issues within business and capitalism on a macroeconomic level

The global economy has never been more prosperous, yet its operating system manifests ecological catastrophe.

Since resigning from a corporate career in early 2018, Mike Rabin, the creator of Corporate Purpose Project explored the breadth and depth of this existential quandary. By mid-2021, Rabin had established a series of essays essay to distill succinct insights from this interrogation.

The essay series centers on four key issues:

  1. The senselessness of polarizing the capitalism vs. socialism debate
  2. The disconnect between economic growth and planetary science
  3. The obfuscation of corporate social responsibility
  4. The cultural enablers of epidemic business externalities

Regenerative economics theory is another key issue discussed in the essay series. The goal of the corporate purpose project is to make advancements in economic and social progress with environmental recovery.


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