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About Blueview Footwear

A business making biodegradable shoes made from plant-based fabrics and oils

BLUEVIEW has fully revolutionized the footwear industry by replacing petroleum plastics with plant based plastics. Their innovative plant-based shoes are constructed of biodegradable (every single component of their plant-based shoes biodegrade under aerobic composting conditions (ASTM D5338) – which means, they will completely break down when exposed to air, moisture, and microorganisms in compost) materials, and their eco-conscious materials don’t sacrifice durability for environmental responsibility. They are proud to bring footwear to market that will biodegrade in the natural environment, removing it from the waste stream and keeping plastic pollution out of the ocean.

When two surfers with a passion for the planet met in a beachside coffee shop in Cardiff, they had no idea the kind of eco-innovation that would emerge from their unlikely run-in. But when footwear industry expertise meets the most impressive advancement in biotechnology to date, the only choice is to use that fusion for meaningful change: to create the world’s first fully biodegradable* sneaker.

Radical tech for radical times

When they set out to solve the plastic problem and protect the ocean they live for, they didn’t know exactly where that journey would take them. It wasn’t until BLUEVIEW co-founder Tom Cooke met biotech entrepreneur and surf scientist Dr. Stephen Mayfield that the answer became stunningly clear: plant-based technology is the future, and Soleic is leading the way forward.

Soleic, meaning sun oil, is a plant-based polyurethane created by leading footwear experts and ingenious material scientists with decades of experience. It took them more than 6 years to bring this revolutionary material from the lab to your feet, but the wait was more than worth it. There are 7.8 billion people on Earth and yet 25 billion new pairs of shoes every year. That’s way too many plastic products floating around—literally, because far too much of that trash ends up floating in their beautiful oceans, down picturesque rivers, and onto previously pristine beaches. Even the so-called “recyclable” plastic materials are either not recycled properly or emit huge heaps of greenhouse gases to make it onto storeroom shelves. Instead, BLUEVIEW shoes start and end in nature to create a completely sustainable and waste-free life cycle.

Their plant-based materials stand up to the same high-quality standards as traditional footwear. The main difference? Theirs don’t end up as floating trash in the ocean or give off harmful micro-plastics like the rest. Sourced from plant-based oils, Soleic was designed at a molecular level to handle the strains and stresses of your everyday adventures before readily breaking down in compost, soil, and is starting to break down in sea water.


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