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About Atmos Financial

A digital banking solution wholly dedicated to funding the rapid transition to a clean economy.

Atmos Financial wants its users to know that where you bank matters. Financial intuitions spend their member’s money in the form of loans out to lucrative businesses harming the planet, like oil drilling, factory farming, and fast fashion. Atmos was created with the intent to provide financial members with a vote on what their money helps fund. This is because Atmos believes that members’ money should be used to create positive change.

Atmos’s vision is everyone, everywhere, taking action towards a clean, fair, and transformed economy. Its mission is to finance the rapid transition to a clean economy for all. Their goal is to provide permanent positive environmental and societal impact by shifting money away from activities that directly harm our planet and towards those that help preserve it. Atmos’s pledge to only lend to sectors that help to rapidly accelerate our transition towards a clean, fair, and transformed economy. They intend to flatten financial barriers so that everyone can participate in and benefit from a carbon-free future.



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