About Arcadia

A technology company that is using streamlined data and analytics to innovate the American energy industry.

Arcadia is a Washington D.C. based tech company that is using data to innovate the American energy industry. After noticing that the energy industry had failed to innovate in the way that other industries have, founder Kiran Bhatraju saw an opportunity for improvement, thus Arcadia was born. The company has created game-changing software and APIs that have revolutionized the way that energy data is accessed, making it more accessible and understandable. The company has revealed and standardized data from 95% of utility accounts across the United States to create a previously unheard of level of access to energy data. Data is streamlined and Arcadia does all the heavy-lifting, only providing customers with relevant information that benefits them. This can be anything from account details to utility statements to internal data. It goes above the typical data received from meter-level utilities and focuses on intuitive information that benefits both the customer and the environment.

The company’s platform makes it easy to access information in regards to their customers’ utility usages, allowing for cost saving decision making that benefits the planet. They do this by showing when utilities are being pulled from green-energy sources and when the cheapest time to use electricity is for a specific customer. Arcadia’s goal is to continue to accelerate innovation within an industry that’s been slow to change by optimizing energy usage. Their platform allows for real-time data analysis automation which provides customers with an unprecedented amount of data which in-turn puts more information into the consumers hand and less carbon into the atmosphere.


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