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It is helpful for me to balance my anger with the reminder that what’s good for the world is broader and more mysterious than my mind can grasp.

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I’m pleading with you: over the next several months, fight for who you want; not who you imagine enough other people want.

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Outrage fatigue

There will be more tax bills in the future, more sex offenders in power, more devastation of our conservation lands. There will be an endless supply of things to be rightfully outraged by.

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“Act of pure evil”?

It’s time for our society to move past silly abstractions and deflections like “good” and “evil”. It’s time to take responsibility for the mayhem we create for ourselves.

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Stop opposing Trump

The radical change agent today does not waste time opposing Trump and his supporters. She just ignores them whenever possible.

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Polarization is underrated

Polarization does not necessitate that we get ugly and demeaning to one another. It simply means that we are aware of a growing divide in our core values. This can be done with grace, kindness, and sensitivity.