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Apple commits $2.5 billion to address California housing crisis

The plan includes $1 billion to go towards affordable housing investment funds and programs to support first time home owners.

NCAA players will now be allowed to profit from their name, image, and likeness

Michael Drake, NCAA board chair, said on the new policies, "We must embrace change to provide the best possible experience for college athletes…"

Germany’s CO2 emissions predicted to decline remarkably in 2019

Germany is predicted to complete its second year in a row of significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. Along with the country’s lessening reliance on coal, Germany is consuming less energy and producing less CO2 than previously predicted.

The bright side of outrage

The change we want and need is happening - right now. We prove it to ourselves every time we find ourselves and others in the grips of outrage.

Is there really a lot to be grateful for?

It's time to dispel the belief that cynicism and despair are the only ways to show we care.

Reimagining progress

We can develop all the technologies we want. But if our motivations, beliefs, and ways of perceiving the world stay stagnant, we'll still be the same.
Earth from space with satellite in foreground

Why do we ignore social progress?

The data in the report actually show that, like nearly every year in the recent memory, humanity as a whole has advanced substantially with regard to social progress. The global score in 2015 it was 61.00, in 2016 it was 62.88, in 2017 it was 64.85.
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The world’s most insidious belief

If you really listen, this belief is EVERYWHERE. And, in my mind, is perhaps the most destructive and demonstrably untrue belief we carry with us.

One step forward, two steps back… ?

We have good reasons to be filled with despair and to believe our society is now decaying and on the brink of a major downturn. But we can also choose to view it as a setback in a broader trajectory of progress.

We showcase social progress from around the world and throughout history so that you can transform outrage and despair into possibility and action.

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