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In its broadest, truest meaning philanthropy is simply the love (phil-) of humankind (-anthro). It’s the opposite of misanthropy.

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All natural

Humans are inextricably united with all other beings here on Earth. We are all natural. We are all nature.

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Expansive gratitude

If gratitude for our own circumstances is the source from which joy and transformation sprout for us as individuals, then perhaps gratitude for the state of our society is the source from which transformation for us as a species emerges.

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“America first”???

With an increasingly global economy and global effects of climate change, we are bound to one another, now and forever.

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Why do we ignore social progress?

The data in the report actually show that, like nearly every year in the recent memory, humanity as a whole has advanced substantially with regard to social progress. The global score in 2015 it was 61.00, in 2016 it was 62.88, in 2017 it was 64.85.

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