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Humanity is beautiful

Our challenge today is not overcoming our shortcomings or atoning for our sins. Our challenge is fully acknowledging, embracing, and harnessing our incredible gifts.

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The change agent’s way

It is precisely that painful gap between the ideal and the real that pulls us toward our highest potentials, that ultimately makes any kind of change possible.

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Ayahuasca #1: Living without expectations

It was back in college when I first heard about ayahuasca from a housemate of mine. She told me about a psychedelic medicine from the Amazon capable of incredible personal transformation and healing. People taking the medicine often reported recovery from deep depression, addiction, and anxiety. They reported incredible experiences of traveling through the galaxy and different dimensions. …

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Can we trust our neighbors?

In truth, there is about half as much crime in the United States as there was 25 years ago. Both violent and property crimes have dropped dramatically. We are safer than we were 30 years ago.

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