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The first fire

Our cultivation of fire is what allowed us to grow into the humans we know ourselves as today. The advent of fire lit the symbolic fires of creativity and self-awareness within us that drive our evolution and growth to this day.

The beginning of humanity

Underneath the question of when humanity began is a deeper, much more fundamental question: What does it mean to be human?

Protected: Memes

A meme is really any idea or behavior that spreads within a culture - from the notion of "innocent until proven guilty" to "liberty" to any of the other millions of concepts humans spread among themselves.

What is “genius”?

Coming from the Latin genui meaning to “to bring into being,” genius is when we consciously and intentionally birth something entirely new into being.

The bright side of outrage

The change we want and need is happening - right now. We prove it to ourselves every time we find ourselves and others in the grips of outrage.

Our systems aren’t broken

We can't fix our systems. We have to evolve into new ones.

Seeing what is

The world is a brilliant, wondrous place, so long as we judge it for what it is.
Hands in crowd

In defense of tribalism

Tribalism is not a failed system. It's just a limited system, one that is healthy and helpful to an extent and dangerous when taken to the extreme.
many humans blurred together

“It’s just human nature to _______” is B.S.

It's up to us to define what it means to be human and to demonstrate that in action.
Black Lives Matter protesters

Social justice warriors & political correctness are tearing us apart

There have always been two types of people: 1) change agents who want to drive progress and 2) preservers who want to keep our many great accomplishments intact.


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