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Germany’s CO2 emissions predicted to decline remarkably in 2019

Germany is predicted to complete its second year in a row of significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. Along with the country’s lessening reliance on coal, Germany is consuming less energy and producing less CO2 than previously predicted.
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[Hu]man is [not] stupid

We need to see that humanity is deeply beautiful, imaginative, loving, and capable of incredible transformation and action in the face of climate change.

Living earth theory, in five minutes

At its most fundamental level, Living Earth asks us to see our planet not as a big rock on which plants, animals, fungi, bacteria, and other life have sprung up. Rather, Living Earth asks us to view the entire planet - and everything on it - as one big, living organism.
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What are “our next systems”?

Our society’s current systems are failing us. They no longer serve the common good to the extent they can and should.
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Entomophagy (eating bugs), in five minutes

Eating bugs is not only an opportunity to expand our diets and find delicious food, it is essential for our society’s sustainability.

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