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The change agent’s way

It is precisely that painful gap between the ideal and the real that pulls us toward our highest potentials, that ultimately makes any kind of change possible.

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What inside of you might starting making itself heard if just given the stillness and space?

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Zooming in

When the complex, wicked challenges around us feel too big and completely out of our control, we can always zoom in to focus on what is in our control. 

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When we identify ourselves, we so often focus almost exclusively on the most stable, unchanging aspects of ourselves. In any given moment, are these stable, often lifelong traits, what really define us?

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Offended, not offensive

When I acknowledge that I am offended, I center my own pain. I acknowledge the fact that no healing will ever come unless I heal myself first. If I am offended, I have work to do.

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The bright side of outrage

The change we want and need is happening – right now. We prove it to ourselves every time we find ourselves and others in the grips of outrage.

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Is social media ripping us apart?

The truth is: social media isn’t eroding how we interact with one another. It’s changing it. Society isn’t collapsing. It’s changing.

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Witnessing a change moment

Occasionally, when the stars align, we can actually observe the hard edge of change, a moment when society at large decides that enough is enough.

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Thoughts and prayers

Before we do anything of value and impact, we must first commit to it in our own hearts and minds. Thoughts and prayers can accomplish this.

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Stop opposing Trump #2

If we are only focused on opposing Trump, ultimately the best we can do is simply return to the status quo before him.

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