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Utah bans conversion therapy for LGBTQ children

The discredited practice of conversion therapy for LGBTQ children is now banned in Utah, making it the 19th state and one of the most conservative to prohibit it.

California condor births mark soaring comeback after numbers dwindled to 22

Biologists estimate that the 1,000th and 1,001st chicks hatched in May this year, and they confirmed their existence this week.

In major shift, Mormon Church reverses anti-LGBT policies

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is reversing its controversial 2015 policy that classified people in same-sex marriages as "apostates." Children of parents who identify as LGBT may now also be blessed as infants and baptized.

GOP lawmakers push to ban LGBT conversion therapy in Utah

Two GOP lawmakers proposed a ban on gay conversion therapy for minors in conservative Utah, a plan that's been hailed as a milestone by advocates and won't be opposed by the influential Mormon church.