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Minnesota will pay homeowners to make their lawns bee-friendly

A new spending program approved by lawmakers in 2019 called Lawns to Legumes sets aside $900,000 annually to pay homeowners who replace traditional lawns with bee-friendly wildflowers, clover and native grasses.

Minnesota Methodists resolve to allow officiating of same-sex unions, LGBT ordination

Members of Minnesota's United Methodist Church voted to commit to full inclusion of LGBT people.

Minnesota governor signs bill to make marital rape illegal

Minnesota Governor Tim Walz on Thursday signed a law that repeals the state's marital rape exception, which protected rapists against prosecution if they lived and had an ongoing sexual relationship with the victim.

Lake Region Electric Cooperative in Minnesota launches first-of-its-kind solar-wind hybrid renewable energy plant

In GE's integrated renewable energy system, electricity from the solar panels is funneled through the wind turbine converter. The overall capacity of the system will increase by 3% to 4%, while boosting annual production by up to 10%.

St. Paul City Council passes $15 minimum wage, and mayor signs it

Minnesota's second-largest city has joined the growing wave of cities across the country that have decided to require that workers be paid a minimum of $15 an hour.

Rashida Tlaib of Michigan and Ilhan Omar of Minnesota become the first Muslim women elected to U.S. Congress

Rashida Tlaib of Michigan and Ilhan Omar of Minnesota became the first Muslim women elected to Congress.

Minnesota now offers ‘X’ for gender option on driver’s licenses

In addition to "M" and "F," "X" can now be checked by any applicant who does not want to identify as male or female.

Andrea Jenkins from Minneapolis becomes the first openly transgender black woman elected to public office in the U.S.

Jenkins, who has been elected to the Minneapolis City Council, became the second openly transgender candidate to win a race Tuesday night.

Minnesota’s clean energy jobs grew 3.8 times faster than overall job growth

In the last 12 months, Minnesota's clean energy industry grew by 5.3 percent, adding 2,893 jobs 3.8 times faster than overall job growth in the state.