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New research suggests MDMA lets PTSD victims form new bonds and memories to overcome trauma

Research from Johns Hopkins University finds that MDMA seems to re-open a window of opportunity for social bonding and rewiring trauma-related faulty connections in the brain.

Maryland becomes the sixth U.S. state to raise the minimum wage to $15

Lawmakers managed to override Republican Gov. Larry Hogan's veto of a minimum wage bill. Maryland's current minimum wage is $10.10, and the new policy will gradually raise the wage floor to $15 by 2025.

7 US states set to double their wind power capacity

Arkansas, Nebraska, New Mexico, South Dakota, and Wyoming, Maryland, and Massachusetts have enough wind energy currently under construction that it will more than double their capacity upon completion.

Maryland becomes 11th state to ban ‘gay conversion therapy’ for minors

Maryland Gov. Lawrence J. Hogan, a Republican, signed the Youth Mental Health Protection Act into law on Tuesday, making the state the 11th to ban €œgay conversion therapy€ for minors.

Baltimore mayor signs bill banning foam containers

The bill signed Thursday gives businesses 18 months to stop using containers made from this material, commonly called Styrofoam.

Baltimore council members calls for Maryland to pass $15 minimum wage

The move by the council comes in support of bills filed by state Sen. Richard Madaleno of Montgomery County and state Del. Shelly Hettleman of Baltimore County. Their companion bills would raise the state's minimum wage from a little more than $10 to $15 by 2023.