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Carnival offers its cruise ships to help with COVID-19 care

The company’s portfolio of cruise line brands includes Carnival Cruise Line, Holland America Line, Princess Cruises and Seabourn, including 102 ships. During normal times, they host over 225,000 guests on any given day.

Florida approves largest community solar program in the United States

The Florida Public Service Commission unanimously approved the SolarTogether program, which will ensure the development of 1,490 MW of solar over the next two years making it the largest community solar program in the US.

Florida moves to purchase land to protect Everglades from oil drilling

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) on Wednesday announced that the state plans to buy a 20,000-acre section of the Everglades to prevent oil drilling in the area, according to the Miami Herald.

Florida Power & Light plans for 30 million solar panels by 2030

The €œ30 by 30€³ expansion will change the dynamics and make Florida a real leader of solar in the world.

Florida restores voting rights to more than 1 million former felons

Amendment 4 automatically reinstates voting rights for people with felony convictions upon completion of their sentences, including prison, parole and probation.

NFL’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Chicago Bears create social justice initiatives with over $1 million commitment

The Social Justice Initiative will include monthly events focused on youth empowerment, police relations, criminal justice reform, racial equality and workforce development.

Florida’s minimum wage increases in 2018

The minimum wage increased in the Sunshine State by 15 cents to $8.25.