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Solar farm

Mukesh Ambani invests over $80 billion into green energy

Mukesh Ambani, chairman for the conglomerate Reliance Industries and India’s richest person, is spending over $80 billion on renewable power projects, which will not only help reduce emissions but generate climate-friendly jobs. 

Movie theater

United Arab Emirates permanently stops censoring films

For decades, as with many Islamic countries, cinemas in the Middle Eastern country have been censored to prevent viewers from watching scenes involving nudity, homosexuality, sex, and other content deemed inappropriate by the government and religious leaders.

Pittsburgh at night

Pittsburgh will become a dark sky city in 2022

Pittsburgh will follow the International Dark Sky Association’s new values-centered outdoor lighting guidelines and switch to lower wattage LED bulbs in streetlights, bridges, and other public spaces.

Change milestones from around the world

Good news for climate, justice, democracy, and more