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Inkjet-printed ultrathin solar cells

New inkjet-printed ultrathin solar cells ditch rare minerals

Researchers in Saudi Arabia have developed thin, organic solar cells with a few advantages over others of their type. The new solar cells are more efficient, made using more common elements, and can be inkjet-printed onto surfaces, making them light and flexible enough to power wearable electronics.

Open books from above

Kuwait relaxes book censorship laws

Kuwaiti state media reported that the country’s parliament had voted 40 to nine in favor of lifting the Ministry of Information’s control over books imported into the country. Previously, the ministry had blacklisted more than 4,000 books since 2014.

antonio garcia ndz u tFZo unsplash

Oman is building a massive 500 MW bifacial solar farm

Less than a decade ago, a 500 MW solar power plant would have been the largest in the world. Oman’s new solar farm stand out in that it uses bifacial colar technology that can collect energy from the front side and the rear side.

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Abu Dhabi to build the cheapest solar farm ever

The current cheapest solar farm is owned by the UAE’s other major city, Dubai, which set the cost record in 2015 at 5.98¢/kWh and then broke it again in 2016 at 2.99¢/kWh. Abu Dhabi’s project crushes those marks at 1.35¢/kWh.

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