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Founder & Director
Bellingham, WA
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Purpose statement: I kindle possibility by revealing growth and kindness.

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Hi, I’m Peter. I’m the founder and director of Kindling.

I started Kindling as an entrepreneurship project in business school in 2016. I initially thought of it as a “next systems” media company that would inspire change to a more sustainable, equitable, and peaceful world.

It didn’t prove a great business, but the purpose fit for me. After years of therapy and other personal growth work, it has become clear to me that for much of my childhood and my life generally I have really felt the weight and loneliness of what was expected of me from my family, my society, my self – to get straight A’s, to be a doctor or lawyer, to be funny and socially confident. This is a core wound for me.

Kindling is freeing and purposeful for me not only because it’s about the last thing I or others might have expected of me 20 years ago, but because the content itself for me evokes a sense of possibility. It makes the argument that humanity is beautiful, not only capable of building a better world, but worthy of it. Above I listed a purpose statement I wrote for myself: “I kindle possibility by revealing growth and kindness.”

I live in Bellingham, WA, USA with my wife Sara, son Owen, and cat Winnie. We lived in Seattle for years, both growing up there, but moved to Bellingham to find a slower and less stressful place to call home. My full-time job is as Senior Associate at the Pacific Institute, where I lead the development of the Water Action Hub and other tools that help companies and others become more sustainable with their water use. I have a MBA in Sustainable Systems from Pinchot University (now Presidio Graduate School) and graduated with undergraduate degrees from UC-Berkeley.

Some other interests of mine: running and walking, meditation, plant and fungus medicines, web development, design, singing, playing guitar and piano, long road trips, listening to songs on repeat, fantasy basketball

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