The dawn of humanity

When did humanity begin? This is at least as much a philosophical question as it is a biological or anthropological one. Embedded within it is a deeper, much more fundamental, more consequential question: What is humanity?

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A new story

Humanity is beautiful. I believe embracing this story is perhaps the single most important thing we can do to build the more just, sustainable, peaceful, prosperous, and free global society we want and need.

Antibodies could offer gamechanging new treatment for OCD

These findings offer hope for those suffering from OCD, ADHD, and other illnesses. This work not only gives us much greater insight into how to treat these often debilitating diseases, but also further highlights the key role of brain chemistry in causing them.

Our fuel to drive change

Our story of outrage and despair at its core is the belief that we can only ever overcome our deep challenges by truly acknowledging and atoning for our deeply unwise, destructive, pathetic nature.

The Garden of Eden

Today’s modern story of self-loathing is nothing new. In fact, it is one of humanity’s oldest stories.

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