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Starbucks is piloting fully compostable cups in five cities

Starbucks is piloting cups that are just like the company's normal cups, but the plastic lining has been replaced with a compostable liner, making the cups recyclable and compostable.

Starbucks to design, build and operate 10,000 ‘greener stores’ globally by 2025

The stores would run on 100 per cent renewable energy, ensure waste was reduced by donating unsold food to local banks and use state-of-the-art technology to ensure that annual water consumption is reduced by 30 per cent.

McDonald’s and Starbucks are joining forces to build a fully recyclable, compostable cup of the future

Starbucks and McDonald are teaming up on sustainable cups and inviting all of their competitors in the industry to join in.

Starbucks says it will stop offering plastic straws by 2020

Starbucks says it will eliminate plastic straws from its stores globally by 2020. The company becomes the largest food and beverage company to do so as calls to cut waste globally grow louder.