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Amazon pledges to be carbon neutral by 2040

“We’re done being in the middle of the herd on this issue—we’ve decided to use our size and scale to make a difference,” said Jeff Bezos, Amazon founder and CEO.

Amazon commits to being carbon neutral by 2040

The multinational technology company has pledged to be net zero by 2040 along with a number of different sustainability goals, including being 100 per cent renewable by 2030.

6,034 Amazon employees demand company climate change plan

"We, the undersigned 6,034* Amazon employees, ask that you adopt the climate plan shareholder resolution and release a company-wide climate plan that incorporates the principles outlined in this letter."

Amazon launches initiative to make all deliveries carbon neutral

The company just published a blog post about the initiative, which it's calling Shipment Zero. The proposal is scarce on tangible details, but the retail giant did commit to making half its shipments carbon neutral by 2030.

Apple, Amazon, Facebook and more than 50 other companies sign letter against Trump administration’s proposed gender definition changes

More than 50 companies representing over $2.4 trillion in annual revenue and almost 4.8 million employees have signed a letter in protest of Trump's proposed transgender policy.

Amazon signs deal for 100% renewable electricity in their UK buildings

The solar panels are expected to generate the equivalent amount of electricity required to power over 4,500 UK homes and will reduce the company's carbon footprint by 6,000 tonnes of CO2 annually.

Amazon agrees to $15 an hour for warehouse workers

Amazon will begin paying hundreds of thousands of warehouse workers a minimum wage of $15 per hour, the company said Tuesday, following criticism from lawmakers that some employees at one of the country's wealthiest companies are dependent on public assistance.

Seattle passes new tax on city’s biggest companies to combat housing crisis

The tax will raise $45 million a year over the five-year life of the tax to build more affordable housing and support services for the homeless.

Amazon, Intel and Uber join brief against LGBT discrimination in the United States

A number of tech companies have joined Apple, PayPal, Lyft and Yelp in a corporate brief urging the Supreme Court to reject the notion that businesses can choose to discriminate against LGBT customers.