Humanity is Beautiful

Kindling Founder & Director Peter Schulte is writing a book about humanity’s emergent genius from the first fire to today’s good news. The book – entitled “Humanity is Beautiful” – examines humanity’s limiting stories about itself; unearths a new, more helpful story; and inspires possibility and action for a brighter tomorrow. Here Kindling patrons can read early excerpts and drafts.

Fire at night

The first fire

This is the moment some group of Homo Sapiens or Neanderthals or Homo Habilis or Australopithecus became human.

John Lennon "Imagine" tiling


If the fire Prometheus stole perhaps in part represents the notion of genius, the capacity of forethinking – the ability to peer into possible futures – is a fundamental aspect of that genius.

José Clemente Orozco's fresco mural Prometeo del Pomona College (1930)


On a literal level, Prometheus gave us all the practical benefits of warmth, cooking, etc. that go along with fire. On a metaphorical level, Prometheus also gave us the fire of invention.

Crowd of humans

What is humanity?

Imagine you could go all the way back to the first instance of life on Earth. Imagine you could watch the entirety of the project of life on Earth unfold until the present day. From that view, how would you define humanity?

San Sebastian aerial view

San Sebastian

My experience in San Sebastian was one of genius. Experiences like this are not unique to me, but they are unique to humans.

Orange flower

The first flower

We are inherently connected to, flow from, and are dependent on all life on Earth. We could not be here without it. And yet, we do not just grow as with other life. We create.

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