Excerpts from “Genius!”

Kindling Director Peter Schulte is writing a book about humanity’s emergent genius from the first fire to today’s good news. The book – entitled “Genius!: A Story of Humanity’s Ever-Evolving Beauty” – examines humanity’s limiting stories about itself; unearths a new, more helpful story; and inspires possibility and action for a brighter tomorrow.

You can read drafts of the first few chapters below. To read the entire draft and follow live via Google Docs as Peter updates and refines it every week, become a Kindling patron!

Table of Contents (Draft, Incomplete)



Part 1 | Humanity’s Genius

Part 2 | Humanity’s Shame

  • The most despicable species of beasts to ever roam the Earth
  • Humanity’s shame
  • Shame story #1: “It’s getting worse” / Garden of Eden
  • Shame story #2: Nothing ever changes / Time is a flat circle
  • Shame story #3: “It’s just human nature” / Only technology progresses
  • Shame story #4: “Not enough change” / Should have happened already
  • Shame story #5: Humanity is a sickness
  • We humans are geniuses
  • The most fascinating time to be alive in the history of humanity
  • The best time to be alive in the history of humanity
  • The most important time to be alive in the history of humanity

Part 3 | Humanity’s Future

  • An infant’s expanding mind
  • An adult’s expanding mind
  • Humanity’s expanding mind
  • Principle #1: The world will always appear broken, unjust, and on the brink of collapse
  • Principle #2: The most important and impactful new technologies will be the new abilities of our minds
  • Principle: #3: Our moral landscape will always be incomplete
  • Principle #4: Everyone is right, everyone is wrong
  • Principle: #5 Humanity is beautiful
  • Invention #6: Wholeness
  • The Unknown
  • Our Hero’s Journey
  • The Call to Action