Kindling Director Peter Schulte is writing a book about humanity’s emergent genius from the first fire to today’s good news. The book – entitled “Genius!” – is meant to examine humanity’s shameful, limiting stories about itself and inspire possibility and action for a brighter tomorrow. Each week, Peter will post short excerpts from the book right here.

Table of Contents (Draft, Incomplete)


Part 1: Humanity’s Genius

Part 2: Humanity’s Shame

Part 3: Humanity’s Evolution

  • Memes
  • Instinct
  • Myth & Ritual
  • Ego
  • Law & Order
  • Science & Reason
  • Pluralism
  • Holism
  • The Unknown

Part 4: Humanity’s Future

  • Our Hero’s Journey
  • The Call to Action


Human_evolution_scheme_Humanity's evolution graphic

If what’s “good enough” to satisfy us is the utter and complete solution of all our problems, then we have committed ourselves to be forever dissatisfied.

Humanity's evolution

A meme is really any idea or behavior that spreads within a culture – from the notion of “innocent until proven guilty” to “liberty” to any of the other millions of concepts humans spread among themselves.

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The most impactful change agents see both that our world is constantly changing and yet many of our deepest challenges are incredibly challenging to change. They take on the story of “nothing every changes without commitment and action.”

Human_evolution_scheme_Humanity's evolution graphic

I first put pen to paper in the weeks and months directly following the news that I would be a father and I’ve completed the bulk of it in the many months following the birth of my son Owen.

Human_evolution_scheme_Humanity's evolution graphic

If you were an alien observing humanity for the first time, would you deem this species an abysmal failure or a promising, remarkable work in progress?

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We are instructed to believe that things were better sometime before us, without any real evidence or logic supporting it. Our instincts tell us that things must have been better before our time. But all evidence points to the contrary.

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Shame is change’s kryptonite. Shame shut downs possibility and agency. Shame breeds despair, cynicism, and inaction.

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Coming from the Latin genui meaning to “to bring into being,” genius is when we consciously and intentionally birth something entirely new into being.

Human_evolution_scheme_Humanity's evolution graphic

There is more possibility to do bad now than ever.  There is also more ability to do good now than ever. Which will we choose? How will our generation be remembered?