Flag of Caracas

Diego de Losada founds Caracas

On 25 July 1567, Captain Diego de Losada laid the foundations of the city of Santiago de León de Caracas. Caracas is now the capital and largest city of Venezuela.

Mariche map

Mariche culture thrives in modern-day Venezuela

Mariche is the name of a former native Venezuelan tribe. Not much information from them as a tribe has survived to the present day. One of their more celebrated chiefs was Tamanaco who led them in the fight against the Spanish conquistadors during the 1560s and 1570s.

Beach at sunset

Saladoid culture thrives in modern-day Venezuela and the Caribbean

Saladoid culture is a pre-Columbian indigenous culture of territory in present-day Venezuela and the Caribbean that flourished from 500 BCE to 545 CE. Concentrated along the lowlands of the Orinoco River, the people migrated by sea to the Lesser Antilles, and then to Puerto Rico.

Timote Cuica languages

Timoto-Cuica culture thrives in modern-day Venezuela

Pre-Columbian Venezuela had an estimated population of one million. The Timoto-Cuica culture was the most complex society in Pre-Columbian Venezuela; with pre-planned permanent villages, surrounded by irrigated, terraced fields and with tanks for water storage.

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