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Sri Lanka is measles-free, World Health Organization says

Sri Lanka has defied the global trend in the battle against measles, with the country declared free of the highly infectious disease by the World Health Organization.

The Republic of Sri Lanka is officially formed

Dominion status within the British Commonwealth was retained until 22 May 1972 when the country became the Republic of Sri Lanka.

The Kingdom of Polonnaruwa flourishes in modern-day Sri Lanka

The Kingdom of Polonnaruwa was the Sinhalese kingdom from which Sri Lankan kings ruled the island from the 11th century until 1310 CE.

Early Sri Lankans compile the Dipavamsa

The Dipavamsa is the oldest historical record of Sri Lanka. Together with the Mahavamsa, it is the source of many accounts of ancient history of Sri Lanka and India.

Humans begin cultivating cinnamon for the first time, perhaps in modern-day Sri Lanka

Cinnamon is native to Sri Lanka and has been found in Ancient Egypt as early as 1500 BCE, suggesting early trade between Egypt and the island's inhabitants.

Humans discover and settle the island of Sri Lanka

Balangoda Man arrived on the island about 34,000 years ago and has been identified as Mesolithic hunter-gatherers who lived in caves