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World Health Organization certifies Paraguay malaria-free

The World Health Organization (WHO) certified Paraguay as having eliminated malaria, the first country in the Americas to be granted this status since Cuba in 1973.

Paraguay formalizes a new constitution establishing a democratic system of government

The constitution instituted the first meaningful system of checks and balances the country had ever seen.

Paraguay declares independence from Spain

Independence of Paraguay de facto started on May 14 of 1811 after the Revolution of May 14 when a local ruling junta was created. In early 1811 Paraguayan forces had repeatedly defeated the Argentinian army.

Guaraní culture emerges in modern-day Paraguay

Guaraní are a group of culturally related indigenous peoples of South America. The traditional range of the Guaraní people is in present-day Paraguay, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, and Bolivia.

The Eldoradense culture emerges in modern-day Paraguay, Brazil, and Argentina, near Iguazú Falls

The area surrounding Iguazu Falls was inhabited 10,000 years ago by the hunter-gatherers of the Eldoradense culture.