Temple at Bagan, Myanmar

Myanmar eradicates trachoma

The World Health Organization has validated that the disease has been eliminated from the country: This is extra impressive, because in 2005, trachoma was responsible for 4% of all cases of blindness there. The nation joins Nepal in the WHO South-East Asia Region and 12 countries globally to achieve this feat.

Myanmar temples

Myanmar to raise minimum wage

The authorities are exerting efforts to increase the minimum pay rate as workers are struggling with the rising cost of living in their daily lives.

wunna aung DubvD hEd M unsplash

The Bronze Age begins in modern-day Myanmar

The finding of bronze axes at Nyaunggan located in Shwebo township suggests that Bronze Age of Burma began around 1500 BC in parallel with the earlier stages of Southeast Asian bronze production.

The Anyathian culture emerges in modern-day Myanmar

The earliest archaeological evidence suggests that cultures existed in Burma as early as 11,000 BCE. The Anyathian, Burma’s Stone Age, existed at a time thought to parallel the lower and middle Paleolithic in Europe.

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