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Ireland unveils plan for 70 per cent renewable energy by 2030

Ireland has published its long-awaited Renewable Electricity Support Scheme, unveiling details on how the country will increase its share of renewable energy to 70% by 2030.

Ireland to plant 440 million trees over the next 20 years

The Irish government has announced an ambitious plan to fight climate change, setting a planting target of 440 million trees by 2040.

Diageo to remove plastic packaging from Guinness multipacks

The company has said it is investing £16 million into reducing the amount of plastic used in their packaging. This initiative will remove 40 million plastic bottles from the world.

Ireland to raise carbon tax to help fight climate change

Taoiseach says move is necessary as part of climate change obligations.

Ireland votes to end abortion ban

Ireland voted decisively to repeal one of the world's more restrictive abortion bans, dealing the latest in a series of stinging rebukes to the Roman Catholic Church.

Church of Ireland to end investments in fossil fuel companies

The Church of Ireland has voted to exclude fully companies with a turnover of greater than 10 percent from fossil fuel production, by 2022.

Irish minimum wage rise in 2016 did not increase joblessness, study finds

€œ Our analysis revealed no negative employment effects because of the 2016 increase,€

Celtic mythology compiled in The Mabinogion

The Mabinogion are the earliest prose stories of the literature of Britain. They were created by various narrators over time.

Humans begin using field systems for the first time, perhaps in the Céide Fields of modern-day Ireland

The Céide Fields is an archaeological site in the west of Ireland. The site is the most extensive Neolithic site in Ireland and contains the oldest known field systems in the world.