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Bulgarian doctors implant world’s first 3D-printed rib

The physicians say that the 35-year-old patient is in €œperfect health€ after the procedure, and they are already planning on performing additional surgeries with the 3D-printed 'bones,' including three ribs along with a sternum.

The First Bulgarian Empire comes to power

The First Bulgarian Empire was a medieval Bulgarian state that existed in southeastern Europe between the 7th and 11th centuries AD. It was founded circa 681 when Bulgar tribes led by Asparukh moved to the north-eastern Balkans.

The Varna Necropolis in modern-day Bulgaria becomes perhaps the world’s first major gold hoard

The so-called Varna Necropolis is a burial site from 4569€“4340 BC and is internationally considered one of the key archaeological sites in world prehistory.