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The Austrian State Treaty reestablishes Austria as a sovereign state

The Austrian State Treaty was signed on 15 May 1955 in Vienna among the Allied occupying powers and the Austrian government.

The Holy Roman Emperor Francis II founds the Austrian Empire

The Austrian Empire was a Central European multinational great power from 1804 to 1867, created by proclamation out of the realms of the Habsburgs.

Mozart begins works on his famous “Requiem”

Mozart's Requiem is a choral masterpiece whose genesis is shrouded in mystery €“ one that makes the piece all the more fascinating and emotionally stirring.

Linear Pottery Culture emerges in central Europe

The Linear Pottery culture is a major archaeological horizon of the European Neolithic. It represents a major event in the initial spread of agriculture in Europe.

Early humans of Austria create the Venus of Galgenberg

The Venus of Galgenberg is one of the earliest examples of figurative art in Europe. The sculpture was discovered in 1988 close to Stratzing, Austria.