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New anti-poaching motion sensor recognizes when wildlife is on the run

Modern sensors have given conservationists a powerful new tool in the fight against poaching. A new research project at the University of Twente could harness this technology in yet another useful way, by mixing motion sensors with machine learning to recognize when wildlife is responding to a nearby threat.

Lights of human head and brain

Microdosing LSD improves mood and cognition, according to new study

In the placebo-controlled study, published in European Neuropsychopharmacology, scientists from University of Basel and Maastricht University gave volunteers either a small dose of LSD or a placebo, then measured their ability to pay attention and process information, as well as keeping an eye on their mood.

Uber driver from the backseat

Uber to go 50% electric in 7 European capitals by 2025

The world’s largest mobility platform pledged to clean up its act in Amsterdam, Berlin, Brussels, Lisbon, London, Madrid and Paris in response to the #TrueCostOfUber campaign, which urged it to ditch dirty vehicles and replace them with electric cars.

tanvi sharma bD p zbdA unsplash

New plant-based bottles can degrade in one year

The plans, devised by renewable chemicals company Avantium, have already won the support of beer-maker Carlsberg, which hopes to sell its pilsner in a cardboard bottle lined with an inner layer of plant plastic.


Fairphone launches new sustainable smartphone

The phone has a modular design which allows it to be durable, easily repairable, and upgradeable and is made with responsibly sourced and conflict-free tin and tungsten and recycled copper and plastics.

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