Uber driver from the backseat

Uber to go 50% electric in 7 European capitals by 2025

The world’s largest mobility platform pledged to clean up its act in Amsterdam, Berlin, Brussels, Lisbon, London, Madrid and Paris in response to the #TrueCostOfUber campaign, which urged it to ditch dirty vehicles and replace them with electric cars.

willian justen de vasconcellos vKP BAm wg unsplash

Spain permanently closes half of its coal-fired power stations

Seven of the 15 coal plants still working in Spain will cease operations today, after their owners – the electricity companies – decided that it does not make financial sense to adapt them to European regulations. Four more will shut down soon.

jorge fernandez salas ChSZETOal I unsplash

Spain introduces basic income scheme to tackle poverty

Spain’s government has introduced a basic monthly income for struggling families amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The measure will affect about 2.3 million people in need and guarantees income of maximum $1,100 per family.

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