Almaty, Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan abolishes death penalty

President Tokayev signed a law on ratification of the second optional protocol to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, with the purpose of abolishing the death penalty.

Flag of Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan declares independence from the Soviet Union

Following the August 1991 aborted coup attempt in Moscow, Kazakhstan declared independence on 16 December 1991, thus becoming the last Soviet republic to declare independence. Ten days later, the Soviet Union itself ceased to exist.

Oguz Yabgu State in Kazakhstan, 750–1055

Oghuz Turks found the Oguz Yabgu State in modern-day Kazakhstan

The Oguz Yabgu State was a Turkic state, founded by Oghuz Turks in 766, located geographically in an area between the coasts of the Caspian and Aral Seas. Oguz tribes occupied a vast territory in Kazakhstan along the Irgiz, Yaik, Emba, and Uil rivers, the Aral Sea area, the Syr Darya valley, the foothills of the Karatau Mountains in Tien-Shan, and the Chui River valley.

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