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Athens is tackling urban air pollution and heat stress with “pocket parks”

In an effort to curb air pollution from vehicles — which are responsible for 70 percent of greenhouse gas emissions — the city is now closing traffic lanes and transforming them into bicycle paths, pedestrian walks, and small areas of greenery. It is also renovating fountains which can lower temperatures and improve air quality,

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Sophocles completes the Oedipus trilogy of tragic plays

Sophocles of Kolōnos (c. 496 – c. 406 BCE) was one of the most famous and celebrated writers of tragedy plays in ancient Greece and his surviving works, written throughout the 5th century BCE, include such classics as Oedipus the KingAntigone, and Women of Trachis.

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Humans of ancient Greece invent the crane

The archaeological record shows that no later than c. 515 BC distinctive cuttings for both lifting tongs and lewis irons begin to appear on stone blocks of Greek temples.

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