What’s your weekly ritual?

Man walking in the woods

I don’t go to church. But sometimes I find myself jealous of churchgoers’ rituals. Every Sunday, they remind themselves of what they care most about. They recommit themselves to their paths.

So recently I started a new ritual for myself. Every Sunday morning, Owen and I (and sometimes Sara) just go for a walk in nature somewhere no matter what the weather. We talk about all the things we see and hear. We say hi to the trees, the ferns, the fungi, the birds. We thank Earth for the ground we stand on, the air we breathe, the water we drink, for life itself. 

It’s simple but strangely powerful for me. In those 30 minutes, I can practice reverence, gratitude, and abundance. I can feel connected to and in awe of something bigger than myself.

What new ritual could you start to remind yourself of whatever you care most about?

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