What is meditation to you?

Meditator silhouette

I’ve usually held meditation as a time to let my thoughts quiet down so that I can gaze more deeply within. I find a quiet place, sit and cross my legs, and close my eyes. There’s a discipline to tuning in in this way. It’s a practice in patience and self-mastery.

I’ve been realizing lately that I also need time for my senses to just be fully alive, to give them space to delight in nature or music or smells without being muffled and distracted by my internal narration about it. There’s really no discipline to this at all. It’s like letting a dog off its leash.

I used to think there was more or less one way to meditate. Now it seems like there are probably endless approaches, even endless definitions of what it is in the first place.

How do you meditate? What is meditation to you?

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