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Survey results


Hi Kindling community,

A few weeks ago, I asked you to fill out a survey on what Kindling is doing well and how we can improve. First off, thanks to all who responded!

Fortunately, I don’t think the results suggested the need for a major re-think. Over half scored it a 5 of 5 in terms of value, while over 35% scored it a 4 of 5.

Regarding what Kindling can do better, one theme jumped out at me: 22% of you wanted more tangible tools for driving change yourself, while another 15% wanted a way for Kindling to drive change as a community.

So let me throw it back at you: How could Kindling not only show the inspiring change happening all around us, but more directly catalyze change itself? What ideas do you have for making this a reality?

Thanks for reading! Can you chip in $3 a month? For the price of a cup of coffee, you can bring at least one person into our community every month and get exclusive content from my upcoming book “Humanity is beautiful.” 

Peter Schulte

Peter Schulte is the founder and editor of Kindling. Peter is also Senior Digital Engagement Associate for the Pacific Institute and the UN Global Compact's CEO Water Mandate, connecting businesses to sustainable water practices. Peter holds a B.S. in Conservation and Resource Studies and a B.A. in Comparative Literature from University of California, Berkeley, and an M.B.A. in Sustainable Systems from Pinchot University. He lives in Bellingham, WA, USA with his wife, son, and cat.


  1. i-Aloo Frawley

    Hi, I was thinking, one SUPER easy way is perhaps to make sending the email newsletter to our friends/mailing lists, more of a thing. I dig how you have all the IG and links at the bottom. Maybe at the top of another newsletter, once in a while, you could make a call out for additional subscribers, which would probabably, statistically, boost patrons and hopefully go viral and grow exponentially. I’m so grateful to be a part of something that I can tell will BLOW UP. I already got my mom and sister to subscribe, and they post your stories on FB all the time, or text me the info with a hundred exclamation points. It’s like giving out free just feels good. And people love being reminded that there are mainly a lot of good people in the world doing what they can and staying positive 🙂

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