Mother Earth

Drawing of Earth

Mothers are critical to change. They nurture us at our most vulnerable. They ground us at our most chaotic. They see the brilliance in us even when we cannot. 

I was lucky to spend this Mothers’ Day in the sun with my own mother, the mother of my children, and my mother-in-law. But not everyone gets the mother energy they need in their lives. Their moms have died. Or they simply aren’t unavailable for whatever reason.

For those of you, here’s my truth: Mother Earth is a real and very powerful idea to harness. I had always thought of it as a little too precious or “woo-woo”, but it’s true: Earth gives us the ground we stand on, the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat. At any moment, we can simply sink to the ground and feel her there, holding us, providing for us, loving us, without judgment, without expectations, without needing anything in return. 

You don’t have to spend another day feeling the absence of mother energy in your life. She is right there, whenever you need her.

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