Humanity is a 24-year old

caleb woods RIcMwDLk wo unsplash

Humanity has done terrible things. We’ve destroyed ecosystems; committed genocide; oppressed countless people and groups; and on and on.

It’s more than enough to wonder whether there’s any hope for our future, whether we are even worth saving.

Here’s how I think about humanity in 2020: We as a species are like a 24-year old.

We’ve drank ourselves stupid. We’ve blindly projected our insecurities onto everyone around us. We’ve spouted a bunch of nonsense with impossible certainty. Our brains aren’t even fully developed yet. 

We are just coming into our maturity as a species. We are still growing, evolving, and learning to this day.

In our everyday lives, we don’t begrudge 24-year olds for having had made adolescent mistakes in the past. We accept those mistakes as inevitable, essential steps in everyone’s journey.

Why not harness that same empathy and good will for humanity itself?

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