How can you think about 2020 such that it is exactly what you needed?

2020 calendar on phone

2020 was the year from hell. Many of us lost loved ones forever, lost our jobs, or were simply not able to pursue what matters most to us.

Yet, I said goodbye to 2020 this week with some gratitude too. It forced me to slow down. It made my life smaller, more focused, more peaceful. As a society, it helped us begin to challenge old ways. We can now see how quickly ecosystems bounce back. We clarified what’s essential. We voted Trump out of office.

For many of us, the pain 2020 brought will be too much to make a silver lining out of right now, if ever. For the fortunate and privileged among us, like me, who came out of 2020 relatively unscathed, I wonder:

Now that it’s behind us, how can you hold 2020 in your mind such that it becomes an essential ingredient to the change you want to see in yourself and our society? How can you think about 2020 such that it becomes exactly what you needed?

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