Hands over face

Fear is a big factor in my life. I’m afraid I will be rejected. I’m afraid I won’t be a “success.” I’m afraid I don’t have anything to offer. I often avoid important things in my life that just feel too scary. I conceal parts of myself that feel too weird or dark for others to accept. 

In a dream this week, I came across the ancient, wise version of myself. He was powerful, beautiful, unafraid. I asked him what he has to show me. With a wave of his hand, he revealed all the people in my life. Except now I could see all of their fear too. I could see how it infects them just as it does me. I could see them avoiding and concealing just like me.

When I woke up, all of a sudden it all felt so silly and tragic. It was so clear that what the people in my life really want, what the world really needs, is people who break this spell of fear and give others permission to be who they really are.

What would it look like for me to be one of those people?

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