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I’ve been having a hard time managing my disgust and anger at President Trump’s behaviors lately. It feels like an assault on my idea of basic decency and integrity.

And yet, I keep coming back to the thought that nearly every human on the face of the planet fiercely believes that their viewpoint – religious, political, or otherwise – is right, and that others are very wrong, even disgusting, for not seeing it their way. And nearly every human on the face of the planet is wrong about this.

I don’t think it’s wrong to feel righteous anger – especially when our leaders abuse their power. But it is also helpful for me to balance my anger with the reminder that what’s good for the world is broader and more mysterious than my mind can grasp.

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Peter Schulte

Peter Schulte is the founder and editor of Kindling. Peter is also Senior Digital Engagement Associate for the Pacific Institute and the UN Global Compact's CEO Water Mandate, connecting businesses to sustainable water practices. Peter holds a B.S. in Conservation and Resource Studies and a B.A. in Comparative Literature from University of California, Berkeley, and an M.B.A. in Sustainable Systems from Pinchot University. He lives in Bellingham, WA, USA with his wife, son, and cat.


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