Complete and utter awe

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Over the course of my life, I’ve had many psychedelic experiences. They’ve come in different shapes and sizes and often with very different themes. They’ve been difficult, weird, blissful, and everything in between.

But there seems to be one thread that connects them all. In one way or another, they all have shown me just how mind-blowingly beautiful, wondrous, and mysterious it is to be human, to be experiencing life at all. They make me grateful to be able just to be and to be me specifically. 

I already know this all intellectually. And I realize these words probably don’t seem profound or insightful. Maybe they even come off a bit trite. But in these moments I can directly experience the truth of it in my bones, to the point of complete and utter awe and surrender.

Like a lot of us, I spend much of my days feeling some level of stress, anxiety, frustration, or fear. But now, sometimes, I can stop and remember this deeper reality of my life. And when I do, those feelings seem to just melt away.

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